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Chapter 23

“Good morning beautiful princess!”

I woke up with these words whispered in my ear by my love; I streched my arms and opened my eyes smiling.

“Good morning my prince!”

“Come on baby! I wanna take you with me!”

“Where do you wanna go?”

“I need to make the final rehearsal for tonight’s gig so I want you to come with me.”

“Alright! I will take a quick shower!”

 I kissed him and went to the bathroom; I took a shower and returned to the bedroom where I put a bit of eye-liner and dried my hair. I put on my black tights with a black turtleneck sweater and a red skirt.


“In the kitchen!”

I went to the kitchen and he was preparing breakfast for us.

 “I could help you!”

“Now it’s all ready, sit and eat, miss!” We sat and had breakfast together. We finished and went out to meet the guys at the place they were going to perform.

“Alright, baby, I am going now! Go take some pictures of us!”

“I will!”

We kissed, he went away and I followed him some minutes after. While they were rehearsaling I liked to wave at Rick and see him smile at me but the best was when I waved at him while he was singing and his smile could be heard. They kept doing rehearsals for an hour and then Rick came near me.

“Hello!” “Hi there! Who is that girl?”

 “Oh she’s…she’s Roger’s friend!”



The girl I had talked about came near us with Roger.

 “So Rick…Anna here wants to go shopping and she needs company! So yeah, Rita you wanna go with her?”- Roger said.

“Oh…um well I am not in a shopping mood but yeah I can go!”

The girl seemed to be really happy and hugged Roger’s arm.

“She will come in a minute!”

Rick grabbed my arm and pulled me away from them, taking his wallet and giving me money.

“Buy some things for you!”

“Rick, I am not…”- he hushed me with a kiss.


I smiled a bit and kissed him.

Anna and I went away. She almost bought everything she saw and she helped me choosing some clothes and I ended up buying a beautiful leopard pattern coat: a thing that I had wanted to buy for ages.

Chapter 22

“Would you like to become their official photographer?”

Andrew got me unprepared. Become Floyd’s official photographer? Become the official photographer of a band? “


 “I like the pictures you took during the tour and I sold tons of them to the magazines! You have a gift!” “Andrew, I don’t know! I mean maybe they will think that Rick talked to you to make me become their official photographer.”

“Nonsence! I talked with them, and they accepted.”

“Can I have some days to think?”

 “Of course! But don’t let me down!”

 I stayed there until midnight probably then Rick and I went home.

“Andrew talked to you?”

“He did!”



 “So, are you going to accept it or not?” “I don’t know Rick! I mean everybody will think that…that…because you are my boyfriend and everybody will think it was your idea and…”

“Oh for God sakes! What?”

I looked down to my lap and he sat in front of me, on the bed, lifting my chin with his finger.

“Look at me beautiful!”- I looked at him – “If Andrew wants you to become our official photographer it’s because you are a damn good one! And think this, you will take pics of us! You are always telling me that you want to take pics of me and the guys.”

“I know but…”

“Don’t think about what the others might think! If someone tells you something about that, you just tell them to fuck off!”

I was feeling a bit sad and I really didn’t know why.

“You whore, you fucked Rick to be here!”


 He stood up and put his hand on his hip: “Excuse you! I am here cause I am hot and a hella of a photographer!”

“What the fuck Rick?”

“This is what you gotta do! Go sassy and reply to the bitch!”

I started to laugh: “You look so gay!”

“Would a gay man fuck a gorgeous girl like you? I don’t think they dig girls!”

 I lay down and put my hand on my tummy, laughing loudly. He came to rest his body over mine and kissed me sweetly.

“That’s the thing I love to hear and see!”

“What is it?”

“You laughing and smiling!”

“You are so lovely! Thank you for being with me.”

 “I love you, you mad, gorgeous, hot girl!”

We started kissing and cuddling until we fell asleep.

Chapter 21

I was in the studio with the Floyd and David had just entered the band some weeks ago. They were on their break from the recordings and David sat beside me.



“You are Rick’s girlfriend, right?”

“Yes, yes I am.”


“Yeah you got it right!”- I smiled.

He scratched his head, seeming a bit shy: “Sorry if it’s all a bit odd…I am…I am going to shut up, sorry!”

“Oh come on! You can talk! You can ask anything you want.”

He smiled a bit: “Sorry, I feel a bit shy, still…”

“Alright, let me try! So, you like these dorks?”

“Dorks?”- he giggled a bit- “They are kinda nice!”

“Their keyboard player is the biggest dork, trust me I know him.”

“You are saying that your boyfriend is a dork?”

“Yes indeed! I know him very well, he is a dork!”

He started laughing a bit as Rick sat beside me, kissing my cheek.

 “I see that you already met my mad girlfriend!”

“Your mad girlfriend is cool!”

 “Yay I am cool!”- I lift my arms up in the air.

“And childish!”

“Like you don’t even like it or anything.”

“That’s my problem, I like you a lot!”

 I smiled lovingly and kissed his lips tenderly.

“Hey, I am here!”- David waved at us.

“We know that sorry.”

We stayed there a bit more chatting, I liked this David and his face was just so beautiful. That was a thing that sometimes pissed me off, the whole band has the faces I dreamt of, I always wanted to take pictures of faces like theirs sometimes I have a big desire to drag them to a studio and take pictures of them.

Lunch time had arrived and we all went out to eat together. They were talking about some songs they needed to record and I just sat there, feeling a bit bored.

“Sorry baby… I don’t want you to feel bored, sorry!”

“Oh love hush! I like to be with you guys but sometimes a girl gets a bit bored.”

He kissed my nose and said: “You are lovely! Oh and Andrew wants to talk to you!”

“Oh! Really?”

“Yeah! He will probably talk to you when we return to the studio.”

“Oh alright! Pay attention babe.”

He smiled and started to talk with the guys.

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I absolutely love your fanfic! It's really good. but there's just one concern I thought you might like to know: you put exclamation points on everything, it kinda sounds like the characters are screaming at each other... I'm just saying :/ but all in all, I love your writing <3

Thanks and thanks for the warning about exclamation points, I will pay more attention

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Please, keep writing this! I loved it <3

Thank you <3 I will continue to write it :)


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Chapter 20

“I want to take you to a special place!”

He whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek.

“Alright, let’s go!”

He took my hand and we went to the car and Rick drove to the beach.

“Here we are!”

“Oh Rick this is so beautiful!” “

I like this beach! It’s so beautiful but you more!”

He got closer to me, smiling.


“Come here baby!”- he pat his lap and I sat.

We started to kiss each other passionately as I felt his hand going up my leg. We kept kissing, as I grew more turned on until he put his hand in my panties starting to massage me; I closed my eyes and a little moan escaped my mouth.

“I am going to treat you like a princess!”

He put a finger inside me, moving it up and down as I started to moan.

“Don’t…don’t do this to me!”

He whispered: “I have to! I need to be as horny as you!”

“I have another idea to make you hard!”

He stopped and grinned as I took off my dress and sat, my body turned to him. I started to kiss and bite his neck while I moved on him, my hands massaging his crotch.

 “I love you baby! You and your red lingerie!”

“Maybe we should go to the backseat!” I moved to the backseat and waited for him as he quickly took off his clothes.

He jumped to the backseat: “The night is ours!”

I woke up the morning after with a kiss from my love in my head. I had my naked body resting over his, legs between his and a blanket covering our nudity, the sun light shyly entering through the car’s window.

“Good morning love!”

 I yawned: “Good morning babe!”

“Happy new year!”

“Happy new year, man of my life!”

He smiled and we kissed.

 “Sit up! The sun is rising!”

We both sat up, he hugged me from behind covering us with the blanket and we stayed there, just the two of us in the first morning of 1968 watching the sun rise, so in love with each other.

Chapter 19

31st December, last day in 1967. We were going to a party so I had bought a new dress, shoes and well a sexy lingerie because you never know. I was just finishing to prepare my make up when Rick appeared.

“Are you rea… Wow!”

I turned to him, blushing a lot: “You like?” “

I fucking love it! God you look so hot!”

I smiled a bit, feeling so shy. Even though he was my boyfriend I always felt like this.

“Thank you!”

He came near me, putting one hand on my waist and the other on my back starting to move slowly, like dancing: “I want to dance with you all night! Well if my legs allow me to!”

 I laughed a bit.

“Don’t laugh lady! You think it’s easy to be this fab?”

“What a big ego!”

“Hey, I am fab!”


He started to tickle me as I tried to escape his tickles but it was hopeless. We went out to the party we were invited to. A lot of people was there so I held Rick’s hand really tight.

“Don’t worry baby, I won’t lose you!”

We got ourselves some drinks and kissed from time to time. We had a lot of fun and danced a lot, which was a thing I loved to do with him, he could be all shy but he was a nice dancer.

It was time for the countdown to 1968, a new year to enjoy with him. As soon as it was midnight everybody started to celebrate; Rick pulled me close to him and we started to kiss.

“Happy New Year, baby!”

“Happy New Year, Ricky!”

Chapter 18

It was Christmas eve, Rick and I had decided to spend it alone, just me and him. We have decorated the house with some cute things and had a really cute dinner just the two of us.

“Well present time!”


 I stood up and I took my gift for him: “Here you go!”

 He took it and unwrapped like a cute little boy.

 “Oh boy! Thanks love! I really wanted Miles’ new album!”- he kissed me super sweetly.

“Now it’s time for my gift!”

He took a little white paper bag with a big red bow and handed it to me, I opened and a bordeaux box was there, I took it and opened to reveal a beautiful necklace with a little clock. “Oh my God! Love, this is so beautiful!”

“You like it?”- he scratched his head - “I had a lot of troubles to find you a nice present!”

“I love it, boy!”- I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

“Let’s try it on?”

 I nodded and turned my back to him as he moved my hair away and put the necklace on.

“Turn to me beautiful lady!”

I turned back to him and smiled: “So?”

“Marry me, now!”

 “First you need to propose!”

“Alright, will you marry me?”


He started giggling: “I was joking!”

“I knooooow!” He pulled me down and started to kiss me, resting his body on mine, his hand going up my leg.



“We can’t…”

He looked at me, a bit confused: “We can’t?”

“Yeah, I am in that time of the month!”

“Oh baby, I know! Don’t worry! I just want to have a sexy make out session!”

I started laughing as he started to kiss me again until we both fell asleep on the couch.