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New chapters!

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Chapter 13

It was October, I had found a part-time job at a photography store, it wasn’t a big thing but it helped a lot. Rick and I had planned to meet to have lunch but he was late and I was starting to worry. After a bit he arrived, and he seemed nervous.

“Hi love!”

“Hi!”- he was a bit cold.

“Are you alright?”

He didn’t reply and I felt a bit sad.

“You can tell me all!”

“Why don’t you just shut up?”


“You are always complaining about stuff but you don’t fucking know how it is to handle real shit!”

It was the drop! My day wasn’t that good either and he was all pissed?


“Yeah just fucking learn to be less spoiled!”

“Spoiled? If I am spoiled it’s your bloody fault!”

“My fault?”

“Yes! You are always giving me things!”

“Oh yeah poor you!”

I was really angry at him! How could he say those things to me? I steped in his direction and I slap his face, making a sharp sound and leaving my hand marked on his cheek.

“Fuck you!”

I turned my back to him and went away and, when I was turning around the corner I heard him shouting my name.

“Rita!”- I walked faster and faster as I heard his voice.

“Please! Love!”

He grabbed my arm and I turned just to see his face, full of tears.

“Love, I’m so sorry! Forgive me! Please!”

“You hurt me!”

“I know! I am so sorry but….”- he sobbed- “My day was shit…The last weeks have been shit!”

I cleaned his tears: “What happened?”

“It’s Syd! I…I think he is in the wrong direction!”

“Oh love!”- I hugged him.

“Forgive me please!”

“I forgive you!”

“I love you, I can’t live without you!”

“I love you too! A lot!”

Chapter 12

It was the last night in Paris. We were in a after-gig party and Rick was drinking a bit too much.


“Tell me Ricky!”

“Let’s fuuuck!”

“Love, not tonight!”

“Eish, come on! O…Open the legs for the boy!”- Roger said.

“Do…Don’t be so..such..Jerk!”-Nick replied to him.

“‘lright! Sorry, Li..Ri..Ta!”

“You don’t know anything about gals!”- Syd protested.

“And wo..what do you know about ‘em?”

“You got…ta be gentle!”

Rick leaned his head on my shoulder and started giggling. They were a bit cute when they were drunk because they didn’t know what the actually hell they were talking about, they could talk about sex, girls and music and then talk about the meaning of life. Rick and I were walking to our room and I have to be honest, I was having troubles to hold him because he was always going in zig-zag or just stare at me, giggling.

“I think…I think I’m going to puke!”

“Don’t puke here! God!”- I quickly opened the door and we went to the bathroom. He knelt and started to puke as I caressed his back.

“Come on Ricky, let it all out!”

“I don’t feel well!”

“You drank almost your weight in alcohol, how the fuck you want to feel well?”

He started puking again.

“You really know how to conquer a girl sometimes, Rick!”

He sat with his back leaned on the wall: “Are you mad at me, baby?”

“No, I just don’t like you to get drunk!”

“Sorry baby! I love you!”

“I love you too, but promise me that you won’t drink like a drunk next time!”

“I promise you aaaaall! I promise you that…that I’ll take you to the moooon! You would like to go to the moon, baby?”

“Yes, I would! Let’s get some sleep, babe?”


He stood up, stumbling on his own feet but I helped him by putting my arm around his waist and also helped him with his clothes. We lay on the bed and I caressed his head untill we fell asleep.

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New chapter!

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Chapter 11

I woke the morning after, between his arms and I watched him sleeping for a bit until I kissed his sweet lips. He opened his beautiful blue eyes.

“Good morning princess!”

“Good morning my prince!”

He caressed my cheek with his hand and I kissed his palm.

“I feel like I’m dreaming!”

“Why you say that?”

“Because I’m in Paris, with the most beautiful girl in the world naked in my bed and she is covering her body with a white sheet and looking down to me, smiling and looking as beautiful as a woman should be!”

"You should stop saying those beautiful things!"


"I melt!"

"I want to make you melt!"

"You know, this bedroom has a beautiful light!"

"Yeah, I can see how beautiful you are with the sun light!"

"Stop that!"

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him as I gave a giggle. We started to kiss until he parted and looked at me in the eyes, moving from my face a lock of hair and smiling lovingly.

"I love you a lot, Rita!"

"I love you too, Richard!"

I kissed him and got an idea while we kissed, I stood up and grabbed his shirt putting it on.

"What are you doing?"

"You’ll see!"

I went to the bathroom and turned the water on, starting to fill the tub. When it was full I called him and he entered the bathroom. He smiled, entering the water as he looked at me, while I took away his shirt and entered, sitting between his legs and he puts his hands on my tummy kissing my shoulders and neck.

We stayed there for a long time, kissing and smiling at each other.


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Chapter 10

We were having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, the boys were talking about the tour plans and, time from time, Rick would give me a little kiss on the lips and smile at me and I smiled back feeling so in love with him. I had an idea to cheer up our night so when Rick put his hand on my thigh I moved his hand a bit more up and looked at him, as he blushed a lot. Their kind of meeting was over and Rick and I stood up, as soon as we left the restaurant Rick asked me:

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That! Moving my hand up your thigh!”

“Well maybe I’m feeling naughty!”

He grinned and kissed me: “Let’s go to our room?”

“Hell yeah!”

We enter the elevator and started kissing, his hands caressing my cheeks. When we reached our room I pulled him close by the collar of his shirt and kissed him passionately.

“Let me open the door!”

“Make it quick Richard William!”

He opened the door and I entered first pulling him quickly inside.

“Lock the door! No one can bother us tonight!”

“Don’t worry baby!”- he locked the door and came near me.

I threw him to the bed and he looked at me, full of lust. I started undressing sexyly until I remained in my red lingerie.

“Oh god, baby! You are so hot!”

I went to him, sitting on his crotch, moving a bit on him.

“Why isn’t there any reaction?”

He put his hands on my waist: “Maybe because you need to do something to get it!”

I grinned and started moving on him, opening his shirt and kissing his chest leaving red marks. After some minutes I started to feel him really turned on so I quickly took off his shirt and trousers and looked at him.

“Look at this sexy boy!”

“Look who’s talking!”- he stood up and pulled me to the bed taking off my underwear as I took his boxers.

He laid over me and entered me slowly, kissing my lips. He started trusting faster and faster as my moans got higher.

“Oh Rick!”-my fingers started scratching his back as he went faster and deeper.

I could feel all his desire and lust. He started moaning my name as we both came.

He laid beside me, both of us sweaty and breathing fast.

“Love…that..that…Oh god!”

He smiled, panting: “Was it good?”

“Fuck yes!”

I turned on my side and leaned to him, leaving a hickey on his neck and we fell asleep after a bit, his arm around me and my face resting against his neck.

Chapter 9

We had reached Paris…We entered the hotel and went to the reception, Rick took the keys for our room and we went to the elevator.

“We are gonna have some fun!”

“Yeah! Sleeping, eating, seeing new stuff…We will have tons of fun, Richard!”

He grinned: “It isn’t that kind of fun!”

“Oh what kind of fun do you mean?”

He pulled me close to him and started to kiss my neck: “Us, in a bed…naked…”

“What the hell do you want to do?”

“Really? You don’t know what I am talking about?”

“Of course I do! Sex!”

We reached our floor and went to our room.

It was beautiful! It had such a lovely light, a big bed in the middle and it was so cozy. I ran to the window and looked outside, the view was amazing and being there with him was like a dream.

“Love? You wanna go out?”

“Can we? Please?”

“Today we can but in the next days is going to be a bit hard! I’ll have to rehearsal, and gigs, and all those things!”

“But you will have time for us, right?”

“Of course baby! You will always be with me! I’ll take you with me! Alright?”

I nodded and kissed him.

He took my hand tight as I intertwined our fingers and we went out, out into the streets of Paris. We saw so many things: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triumph, the Champs Elysees… We had tea in a cute café and I took so many pictures. I was loving every single minute with him.