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Chapter 11

I woke the morning after, between his arms and I watched him sleeping for a bit until I kissed his sweet lips. He opened his beautiful blue eyes.

“Good morning princess!”

“Good morning my prince!”

He caressed my cheek with his hand and I kissed his palm.

“I feel like I’m dreaming!”

“Why you say that?”

“Because I’m in Paris, with the most beautiful girl in the world naked in my bed and she is covering her body with a white sheet and looking down to me, smiling and looking as beautiful as a woman should be!”

"You should stop saying those beautiful things!"


"I melt!"

"I want to make you melt!"

"You know, this bedroom has a beautiful light!"

"Yeah, I can see how beautiful you are with the sun light!"

"Stop that!"

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him as I gave a giggle. We started to kiss until he parted and looked at me in the eyes, moving from my face a lock of hair and smiling lovingly.

"I love you a lot, Rita!"

"I love you too, Richard!"

I kissed him and got an idea while we kissed, I stood up and grabbed his shirt putting it on.

"What are you doing?"

"You’ll see!"

I went to the bathroom and turned the water on, starting to fill the tub. When it was full I called him and he entered the bathroom. He smiled, entering the water as he looked at me, while I took away his shirt and entered, sitting between his legs and he puts his hands on my tummy kissing my shoulders and neck.

We stayed there for a long time, kissing and smiling at each other.


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Chapter 10

We were having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, the boys were talking about the tour plans and, time from time, Rick would give me a little kiss on the lips and smile at me and I smiled back feeling so in love with him. I had an idea to cheer up our night so when Rick put his hand on my thigh I moved his hand a bit more up and looked at him, as he blushed a lot. Their kind of meeting was over and Rick and I stood up, as soon as we left the restaurant Rick asked me:

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That! Moving my hand up your thigh!”

“Well maybe I’m feeling naughty!”

He grinned and kissed me: “Let’s go to our room?”

“Hell yeah!”

We enter the elevator and started kissing, his hands caressing my cheeks. When we reached our room I pulled him close by the collar of his shirt and kissed him passionately.

“Let me open the door!”

“Make it quick Richard William!”

He opened the door and I entered first pulling him quickly inside.

“Lock the door! No one can bother us tonight!”

“Don’t worry baby!”- he locked the door and came near me.

I threw him to the bed and he looked at me, full of lust. I started undressing sexyly until I remained in my red lingerie.

“Oh god, baby! You are so hot!”

I went to him, sitting on his crotch, moving a bit on him.

“Why isn’t there any reaction?”

He put his hands on my waist: “Maybe because you need to do something to get it!”

I grinned and started moving on him, opening his shirt and kissing his chest leaving red marks. After some minutes I started to feel him really turned on so I quickly took off his shirt and trousers and looked at him.

“Look at this sexy boy!”

“Look who’s talking!”- he stood up and pulled me to the bed taking off my underwear as I took his boxers.

He laid over me and entered me slowly, kissing my lips. He started trusting faster and faster as my moans got higher.

“Oh Rick!”-my fingers started scratching his back as he went faster and deeper.

I could feel all his desire and lust. He started moaning my name as we both came.

He laid beside me, both of us sweaty and breathing fast.

“Love…that..that…Oh god!”

He smiled, panting: “Was it good?”

“Fuck yes!”

I turned on my side and leaned to him, leaving a hickey on his neck and we fell asleep after a bit, his arm around me and my face resting against his neck.

Chapter 9

We had reached Paris…We entered the hotel and went to the reception, Rick took the keys for our room and we went to the elevator.

“We are gonna have some fun!”

“Yeah! Sleeping, eating, seeing new stuff…We will have tons of fun, Richard!”

He grinned: “It isn’t that kind of fun!”

“Oh what kind of fun do you mean?”

He pulled me close to him and started to kiss my neck: “Us, in a bed…naked…”

“What the hell do you want to do?”

“Really? You don’t know what I am talking about?”

“Of course I do! Sex!”

We reached our floor and went to our room.

It was beautiful! It had such a lovely light, a big bed in the middle and it was so cozy. I ran to the window and looked outside, the view was amazing and being there with him was like a dream.

“Love? You wanna go out?”

“Can we? Please?”

“Today we can but in the next days is going to be a bit hard! I’ll have to rehearsal, and gigs, and all those things!”

“But you will have time for us, right?”

“Of course baby! You will always be with me! I’ll take you with me! Alright?”

I nodded and kissed him.

He took my hand tight as I intertwined our fingers and we went out, out into the streets of Paris. We saw so many things: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triumph, the Champs Elysees… We had tea in a cute café and I took so many pictures. I was loving every single minute with him.



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Chapter 8

It was the 1st August and I was finishing getting ready to leave for the tour with Rick and the guys. I heard the doorbell and went to open it.

“Good morning love!”- said Rick with his beautiful smile.

“Good morning awesome!”

“Ready to go?”

“Just need to eat breakfast! My boy is going to make me company?”

“Um… Maybe…”- he kissed my sweetly.

I took his hand and we went to the kitchen and I prepared cornflakes and toasts. He started eating, all happy as I sipped my tea. We finished and I washed the dishes quickly.

“Um… love? Where’s your suit case?”

“My room!”


I went to the hall and he was waiting for me with my suitcase on his hand:”Ready?”

“Yes and I can take my suitcase, love!”

“And what kind of gentleman would I be if I would let you take your suitcase? Come on, we can’t be late!”

I took my bag and my house keys and we went out. We entered the van and drove to the studios where the boys were waiting.

“Nicholas, you drive!”

“As always, ehm Rick?”

“The driver here is you so…”

Nick went to the driver seat with Andrew and Roger beside him, Rick and I sat with Syd in the back.

Nick started driving and I leaned my head on Rick’s shoulder and he kissed my head. We arrived to the port to get a ferry boat to go to France. We all got off the van and Rick and I went near the bannister and he hugged me from behind.

“I want to enjoy this tour and cuddle a lot with you!”

“Me too Ricky boy!”

“My lovely, lovely lady! I love you!”

“You could write a song with that!”

“My lovely lovely lady is perfect, I wanna make her feel like a princess!”


He kissed my neck and I smiled, looking at the water moving.

“You know, I want to make a trip! Summer holidays….”

“Really? Where?”
“Yeah, in Greece, with you!”

“With me?”

“Of course! I hope that someday we have our own yatch! I wanna sail with the most gorgeous girl in the World!”

I turned in his arms and smiled: “You make me feel so well with myself!”

He patted my nose: “I don’t want you sad! I never want you sad and if I make you sad you can slap me!”

“You don’t want me to slap you, trust me!”

“I hope not! I hope I don’t make you feel sad, never in my life!”

We smiled at each other and kissed sweetly.

Chapter 7

“Um.. love, can we go to my place? I want to change my clothes! You help me?”

“Yes love! But then we go to my place? I wanna change for something more gig!”

“More gig?”

“Well yeah! I mean I’m not going to your gig with this dress!”

“If it’s something shorter, yes please!”

“Completely something shorter!”

“And the nurse shoes?”

“Aww I call them nurse shoes too but I’ll take the black ones!”

We walked to his house and entered, going to his room. He opened the closet and started to take some clothes: “What should I wear?”

“Um…. that orange shirt with those blue pants and the kimono!”

“You and the kimono!”

“If you don’t have cute stuff I won’t fall for them!”

He dressed up and looked at me: “Soooo?”

“Awful! Completely terrible!”

“But… you….”

I stood up and went kiss him: “I was kidding kitty!”

“Don’t play with me!”

“Or what?”

“I’ll tickle you!”

“Richard William, if you tickle me you’ll regret it!”

“Today I won’t do it but next time you’ll see!”

“If you do it I’ll leave you!”

“What we are leaving it’s this house to go to yours and then to the gig!”

“Yes, sir!”

We left his house and went to mine; I opened the door and I quickly went to my room: “Wait here! I’ll be quick!”

I took my short white dress and my black nurse shoes, took my bag and my camera and went back to him.


“Hello baby! Beautiful as always! Ready to go?”

I nodded and he stood up and put his arm around my waist and we went out. We walked a bit till we met the guys and entered the van and drove to the place where the gig was going to take place.

“Ehi, I have a perfect spot for you to watch the gig!”

“Oh really? Where?”

“In my lap!”

“Oh don’t be silly!”

“Alright, alright! You’ll watch us sat on the amps!”

“What? Oh no! Rick it’s better not to!”

“Oh come on love!”


He took me in his arms and said: “Alright then!” and then put me on one of the amps and kissed me: “Wish me luck!”

“I hate you but good luck!”

He smiled and went away. They started playing and they were really great; it was interesting to see them play like that because I had seen them start, since the beginning and when Rick had come to my place to show me what he had learnt on the saxophone and my dad sometimes would appear on my room asking him to play lower and it was so funny because at the beginning he sounded so bad. I had basically watched them grow musically.

The gig ended and he came back to me, taking me from the amp.


“You guys rocked! I took tons of pics!”

“Good girl! Let’s go home? I mean, you want me to sleep at your place, right?”

“Yeeeeees! Please!”

We left and went home. We were in my bedroom getting ready to bed when he turned to me and said:

“So… I wanna ask you something!”

“Come on, ask me!”

He knelt down and took my hand and in that moment I looked at him eyes wide.

“Rita, do you wanna… come with me on tour?”

“Fuck, Rick, you scared me!”

He stood up and I knew he was going to laugh: “Why?”

“Because I thought you were proposing!”

He started to laugh: “You really think I would propose now?”

“I don’t know! I know you are mad enough for that!”

“I’m mad for you!”


“I know! I should be in jail but I escaped! You wanna come on tour with me or not?”

I smiled: “Well, yes, I wanna come but are you sure I can  go?”

“Yes, I talked to Andrew about it and he said yes! Besides I don’t want to go alone! I want to be with my girl and show everybody how lucky I am for having you! And travel with you and I know we will have a lot of fun and that you, young lady, will take tons of pictures!”

“I love you, so much! It hurts!”

He smiled lovingly at me and kissed me sweetly. I really loved him with all my heart, I wanted to be with him forever and be happy with my love by my side.


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