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Chapter 26

Once again, leaving on tour with Pink Floyd, this time a World Tour. Rick was always insisting to go with him, and, for me, it had been impossible to say no.

 “Alright, we have everything?”

“Um…yeah!- Rick replied to Andrew.

“Dave? Roger? Nick? All in order?”

 “Yeah, man! Let’s go!”

 “Calm down Dave!”- Roger mocked him.

“Stop you two!”

 I giggled, feeling really sleepy. We had woken up really early and I didn’t had a really nice night of sleep.

 “I think that a certain babe is going to sleep on the plane.”

 “For sure!”

 He smiled and kissed my nose. We entered the van and drove to the airport, in perfect time to catch our plane that would take us to the Netherlands. We arrived and went to the terminal to make the check up but we had to wait at least half an hour. We sat on a bench, Rick’s arm around my shoulder.

“Well fuck! Half an hour here!”- Roger protested.

“Rog, calm down! It’s just half an hour!”- Nick replied.

They started talking to each other about the delay of the flight and I looked at Rick, who rolled his eyes. “Here they go again.”

 I giggled, resting my head on his shoulder: “They love each other!”

 “Yeah, they are getting married soon.”

“Oh I wanna go to the wedding!”

“Well, I guess that you would look way more fancy and beautiful than the bride!” I smiled, taking his hand and intertwining our fingers.

“Hey Dave, you didn’t bring your girlfriend?”- I asked him.

“Um…Well if I had one….”

“Oh, what happened?”

 “We were having some problems and it was getting unbearable so yeah….you know….”

“Oh Dave, I am so sorry.”

“Don’t worry, love! I mean look at him. He will get all the girls he wants!”- Rick said.

“Rick, love? I am jealous!”

“Of who?”

 “Dave!” “Shit! I am out!”- David said laughing a bit.

We laughed a bit as a woman’s voice announced our flight.

Chapter 25

“Hey, look at me!”

I didn’t turn, staying focused on the dinner I was preparing for us and Mark. He sighed and said:

 “Rita, please…Please love…”

“I just want to be alone, please…”

“I know what is going on and I want you to know that I am here for you and, it wasn’t your fault! I accepted taking care of Mark because I thought it was going to help you a bit..You know, you like kids and Mark is so adorable… I guess I was wrong!”

“I can’t blame, you are the best boyfriend in the World! I am a weak!”

“You are not a weak! You are the strongest woman in the world!”

The feelings were having the best on me and I couldn’t hold in anymore so I started crying. I was running away when Rick grabbed my arm and took me in a tight embrace.

“Shhhhh…”- he started rubbing my back, and kissing my head.

“I am so sorry Rick!”

“Don’t be! It wasn’t your fault, love.”

I leaned my face on his chest and started to cry even more as he held me tight to his chest and I felt that he was the only person I had in my life, he was my World, my everything and the most supportive man. “We will fight this, together! I will be here no matter what! I will run across the planet to save you! I love you deeply and I want to be with you forever!”

I looked up at him and he smiled at me: “I love you, baby! A lot!”

“I love you too!”

He started cleaning my cheeks smiling sweetly.

 “Let’s try forget what happened, and let’s try again! You will see that in some years we will have the house full of children running around the house and we will be like «Richard Junior leave your sister alone!» and he won’t stay steady and I will take him up and give little slaps on his butt and tell him there will be no dessert for him, and then he will cry and apoligize…”

 “And then there will be dessert?”


I smiled a bit, resting my head on his chest again.

 “I won’t call my son Richard Junior!”

 “Why not? Richard is a really nice, fancy name!”

 “I love Richard but we can’t give your name to our baby!”


“Sorry babe!”

 Suddendly, Mark appeared, yawning and rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Hi sleepy cutie!”


 “Let’s go have dinner?”


Little Mark ran to the kitchen and sat on a chair as I looked at him go and smiled.

“Let’s eat your delicious meal!”

“It’s not finished, though…”

 “We will finish it, don’t worry!”

He kissed my cheek and we entered the kitchen again.

Chapter 24

Seline, Richard’s sister, had asked us if we could take care of Mark, and of course we had accepted it. Richard rang the door bell and she came to open the door almost like in a second. “Hello Seline!”

“Hi Ricky! Hi Rita!”

I waved, holding Richard’s arm.

“Thank you so much for taking care of Mark! I am so busy!”

“It is nothing! Where is the little guy?”

“Living room! I will get him!”

She went away and he quickly kissed my lips.

“Don’t be shy love! You know her well.”

“I know but I am shy anyway.”

He patted my nose with his index finger and after some seconds Seline appeared again with Mark in her arms.

“Uncle Rick!”

“Hi lil guy!”- Rick took him in his arms and Mark giggled, hugging his neck.

 “Here it’s his backpack with the things he needs!”- I took it and we said goodbye to her.

We started walking down the street, Rick asking Mark how he was and what he wanted to do. They were the most adorable, and cute thing together and Rick really seemed to be good with kids.

“Lil guy, you want to go on the ground?”


He put him down and Mark took my hand smiling; I held his tiny hand in mine and I felt something I had never felt before. We arrived at the park and Mark went play on the slide while Rick and I sat really close to each other, on a bench.

“Imagine when we have our boy! And we bring him here and play all the afternoon!”

“That…that is going to be really nice…”

“Baby? Are you alright?”

“Um um…”

“Tell me what is it, please?”

“It’s just….We could have our little baby! I lost our baby, Rick!”

“It wasn’t your fault love!”

I turned to him: “Who’s fault was it then? I was the one who was carrying our baby!”

I felt my eyes getting moist and I knew I was about to cry. He started caressing my cheeks with his thumb.

“Love, we can try again! And I want to try again! I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to marry you, and build our life together… I want you!”

 “I won’t be a mother! Never, I bet that!”

“Shhhh… The doctor didn’t say that, did he? I know it’s hard, it’s hard for me too but we have to keep thinking of what we have now and what we can plan for the future, because damn I love you so much!”

 I hugged him tight: “I love you too! You are the best thing that ever happened to me!”

“You too! The best thing ever! Now, beautiful princess, head up!”

I was smiling, looking into his beautiful blue eyes when Mark came to us.

 “I am hungry!”

“You are? Let’s go home and have lunch, alright?”

He nodded and we stood up, taking his little hands in ours. We went home and had a lot of fun: playing, drawing, talking and eating a lot of sweets.

By the end of the afternoon I was sitting on the couch with little Mark sleeping with his head on my lap, and he was the quieter little boy I had ever seen. The chat Rick and I had had changed my mind and I had to think of the present and of the future that was waiting for us. Hopefully, a really bright future.

New chapters!

I just posted three new chapters hope you like them :)

Chapter 23

“Good morning beautiful princess!”

I woke up with these words whispered in my ear by my love; I streched my arms and opened my eyes smiling.

“Good morning my prince!”

“Come on baby! I wanna take you with me!”

“Where do you wanna go?”

“I need to make the final rehearsal for tonight’s gig so I want you to come with me.”

“Alright! I will take a quick shower!”

 I kissed him and went to the bathroom; I took a shower and returned to the bedroom where I put a bit of eye-liner and dried my hair. I put on my black tights with a black turtleneck sweater and a red skirt.


“In the kitchen!”

I went to the kitchen and he was preparing breakfast for us.

 “I could help you!”

“Now it’s all ready, sit and eat, miss!” We sat and had breakfast together. We finished and went out to meet the guys at the place they were going to perform.

“Alright, baby, I am going now! Go take some pictures of us!”

“I will!”

We kissed, he went away and I followed him some minutes after. While they were rehearsaling I liked to wave at Rick and see him smile at me but the best was when I waved at him while he was singing and his smile could be heard. They kept doing rehearsals for an hour and then Rick came near me.

“Hello!” “Hi there! Who is that girl?”

 “Oh she’s…she’s Roger’s friend!”



The girl I had talked about came near us with Roger.

 “So Rick…Anna here wants to go shopping and she needs company! So yeah, Rita you wanna go with her?”- Roger said.

“Oh…um well I am not in a shopping mood but yeah I can go!”

The girl seemed to be really happy and hugged Roger’s arm.

“She will come in a minute!”

Rick grabbed my arm and pulled me away from them, taking his wallet and giving me money.

“Buy some things for you!”

“Rick, I am not…”- he hushed me with a kiss.


I smiled a bit and kissed him.

Anna and I went away. She almost bought everything she saw and she helped me choosing some clothes and I ended up buying a beautiful leopard pattern coat: a thing that I had wanted to buy for ages.

Chapter 22

“Would you like to become their official photographer?”

Andrew got me unprepared. Become Floyd’s official photographer? Become the official photographer of a band? “


 “I like the pictures you took during the tour and I sold tons of them to the magazines! You have a gift!” “Andrew, I don’t know! I mean maybe they will think that Rick talked to you to make me become their official photographer.”

“Nonsence! I talked with them, and they accepted.”

“Can I have some days to think?”

 “Of course! But don’t let me down!”

 I stayed there until midnight probably then Rick and I went home.

“Andrew talked to you?”

“He did!”



 “So, are you going to accept it or not?” “I don’t know Rick! I mean everybody will think that…that…because you are my boyfriend and everybody will think it was your idea and…”

“Oh for God sakes! What?”

I looked down to my lap and he sat in front of me, on the bed, lifting my chin with his finger.

“Look at me beautiful!”- I looked at him – “If Andrew wants you to become our official photographer it’s because you are a damn good one! And think this, you will take pics of us! You are always telling me that you want to take pics of me and the guys.”

“I know but…”

“Don’t think about what the others might think! If someone tells you something about that, you just tell them to fuck off!”

I was feeling a bit sad and I really didn’t know why.

“You whore, you fucked Rick to be here!”


 He stood up and put his hand on his hip: “Excuse you! I am here cause I am hot and a hella of a photographer!”

“What the fuck Rick?”

“This is what you gotta do! Go sassy and reply to the bitch!”

I started to laugh: “You look so gay!”

“Would a gay man fuck a gorgeous girl like you? I don’t think they dig girls!”

 I lay down and put my hand on my tummy, laughing loudly. He came to rest his body over mine and kissed me sweetly.

“That’s the thing I love to hear and see!”

“What is it?”

“You laughing and smiling!”

“You are so lovely! Thank you for being with me.”

 “I love you, you mad, gorgeous, hot girl!”

We started kissing and cuddling until we fell asleep.

Chapter 21

I was in the studio with the Floyd and David had just entered the band some weeks ago. They were on their break from the recordings and David sat beside me.



“You are Rick’s girlfriend, right?”

“Yes, yes I am.”


“Yeah you got it right!”- I smiled.

He scratched his head, seeming a bit shy: “Sorry if it’s all a bit odd…I am…I am going to shut up, sorry!”

“Oh come on! You can talk! You can ask anything you want.”

He smiled a bit: “Sorry, I feel a bit shy, still…”

“Alright, let me try! So, you like these dorks?”

“Dorks?”- he giggled a bit- “They are kinda nice!”

“Their keyboard player is the biggest dork, trust me I know him.”

“You are saying that your boyfriend is a dork?”

“Yes indeed! I know him very well, he is a dork!”

He started laughing a bit as Rick sat beside me, kissing my cheek.

 “I see that you already met my mad girlfriend!”

“Your mad girlfriend is cool!”

 “Yay I am cool!”- I lift my arms up in the air.

“And childish!”

“Like you don’t even like it or anything.”

“That’s my problem, I like you a lot!”

 I smiled lovingly and kissed his lips tenderly.

“Hey, I am here!”- David waved at us.

“We know that sorry.”

We stayed there a bit more chatting, I liked this David and his face was just so beautiful. That was a thing that sometimes pissed me off, the whole band has the faces I dreamt of, I always wanted to take pictures of faces like theirs sometimes I have a big desire to drag them to a studio and take pictures of them.

Lunch time had arrived and we all went out to eat together. They were talking about some songs they needed to record and I just sat there, feeling a bit bored.

“Sorry baby… I don’t want you to feel bored, sorry!”

“Oh love hush! I like to be with you guys but sometimes a girl gets a bit bored.”

He kissed my nose and said: “You are lovely! Oh and Andrew wants to talk to you!”

“Oh! Really?”

“Yeah! He will probably talk to you when we return to the studio.”

“Oh alright! Pay attention babe.”

He smiled and started to talk with the guys.

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Thanks and thanks for the warning about exclamation points, I will pay more attention

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