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Chapter 4

It was the 28th July, Rick’s birthday. I just had finished shower and I was putting my black eyeliner on and my new strapless dress with big daisies. I ripped my hair and drank a cup of tea; I put my shoes on and my red lipstick and grabbed my bag and went out. I went to the EMI’s studios to make him a surprise.

I arrived at the studios and waited for him to come out.

“Happy birthday boy!”- I hugged him.

“Thank you love!”- he smiled.

“I missed you!”

“I missed you more!”


We smiled and kissed.

“Look at you! All cute! I like that dress! And what you did with your hair?”

“Thank you! It’s new! Oh I ripped it!”

“You wanna rip mine?”- he had his hands on my waist and I gave him a little punch on the chest as he laughed.

“Ehi, Rick! Aren’t you going to invite us for lunch?”- Roger said.

“Oh screw you! It’s my birthday! You guys should pay me lunch!”

They were always being silly with each other, all the band.

“Well, maybe not lunch but I invite you for dinner in my place!”

“Oh love! You don’t need to bother!”


“Where you live?”- Nick asked.

“Three blocks away from here, in the number 3!”

“And the time?”

“Um…about half past eight!”

“Alright then! Have fun Ricky!”

“I will don’t worry!”

They all went away and we stayed there, smiling at each other.

“You are indeed cute and fancy!”

“And I don’t have a bra underneath!”

“You can’t say that to a poor boy like me!”

“A poor boy that is 24 years old now!”

“I’m getting old!”

“Oh hush!”

 I took his hand and we went have lunch and then, in the afternoon, we went for a walk and went to a little market. As we were walking through the market I saw an old man selling cameras so I went there and started looking at the cameras.

“Any of these cameras interests you?”-Rick had appeared with a record under his arm.

“Yeah, that Pentax Ashi! But I don’t have all the money for it!”

“How much is missing?”

“30 pounds!”

“Sir, can you pack that Pentax Ashi, please?”

“Oh yes of course young man!”

“Rick? What are you doing?”

“Buying you a camera!”

“Rick, you don’t need to!”

He paid the man and took the camera bag.

“Here you go! A brand new camera!”


“What? Let’s buy films and take pictures, right now!”

I couldn’t deny it! I loved him! He always knew how to cheer me up and to make me feel loved and he knew how much I wanted a camera. We bought some films and I put them on the camera and took lots of pictures of us, him and me.

Around seven we went to my place.

“I’m going to start cooking!”

“Oh love, why are you having all this work?”

“Because you deserve it! And it’s your birthday!”

He smiled cutely and I went to the kitchen, while I cooked I started to hear music coming from the living room. Dinner was ready and I went to the living room to set the table as soon as the table was set, he came near me and took my hands and we started to dance around the living room, smiling until the doorbell rang.

“Our guests arrived!”

I went to open the door.

Chapter 3

It was the end of the afternoon and the sun was going down gently but it was still very hot, we had entered my house and he went put his bag on my room.

“Rick, do you want tea?”-I yelled.

“Do you have milk?”

“Yes! You want milk instead?”

“Yes, please love!”

I took a cup with milk and one with tea for me and went to the living room and he was seat on the couch, shirtless.

“I always loved to see you shirtless!”

“Oh love sorry for being like this but it’s too hot!”

“Oh hush! I like it!”- I said giving him the cup.

“Thank you! So, what are we going to do this weekend?”

“Ehm…well I didn’t thought of anything, yet!”

“Don’t worry I have a plan!”

“Tell me!”

“Oh no no! It’s a secret!”

“Richard William!”

He kissed me sweetly: “A secret!”

We stayed on the couch, my head on his shoulder and we were holding hands with our fingers intertwined and time from time he kissed my head while we watched TV.

“Baby, let’s take a pic?”

“Oh my camera doesn’t work!”

“It doesn’t?”

“No, that’s why I don’t have a job!”

“Oh! Well but you need help?”

“Rick, love, I will feel bad if you help me with my bills! Well at least while we don’t live together!”

“And if I pay dinner?”

“Well I would like to go out!”

“Alright, let’s go!”

“Oh let me just change clothes!”

“But you look perfect!”

“I’ll look even more perfect! You’ll see! I promise I’ll be quick!”- I kissed him quickly and went to my room. I took my short dug red dress with white polka dots and my white shoes which actually looked like nurse shoes; I took my cute black bag and returned to him.

“I am back!”

“And damn sexy!”

“Oh well you know! A girl with a boyfriend like you needs to be sexy!”

He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me passionately. We went to a cute Spanish restaurant, sat and ordered.

“Isn’t this the restaurant that you and the guys used to play?”

“Well yeah! Oh God, we dressed like the waiters!”

“I have a pic of you and the guys like that! And one of you and Nick and Nick looks drunk and you so cute like always!”

“Oh hush!”- our food had arrived and we started eating.

We caressed our hands a lot during our dinner and a man was selling red roses on the restaurant and Rick bought me one.

“For my beautiful lady!”

“Awww thank you!”

We finished dinner and went out, holding hands and stopping to kiss time from time. After a bit we returned home and went to bed, we laid side by side and he hugged me and I fell asleep, feeling save between his arms.

Chapter 2

 We took a long walk, holding hands and kissing all afternoon. It seemed a like a dream! To be with him and to be his girlfriend.

“It’s getting late! I’m going to take you home!”

“Alright, love!”- I smiled and he smiled back.

We went to my place and I was at the door of my building, opening the door and he said:

“Well, safe at home!”

“You don’t wanna stay a bit more?”

“I’m tired, love!”

“Oh come on! You can take a nap and I make dinner for us!”

“I don’t want to bother! And love, we will together tomorrow! I promise I’ll be all yours this weekend!”


“Fine! You always convince with puppy eyes!”

“Yaaaayyy!”- I lifted my arms and hugged his neck and he put his hands on my waist.

I took his hand and went to my apartment. We entered and we went to my room.

“I’m going to change to my pyjamas, alright?”

“Oh, alright!”- he closed his eyes.

“Ricky, love? What are you doing?”

“Um…well  I’m closing my eyes so you can change!”

“For God shakes, you are my boyfriend! What’s the problem?”

He opened his eyes, blushing: “Oh, I….sorry!”

I smiled and started to undress as he looked at me smiling.

“Your body is perfect! And your bra is so cute!”

“I love polka dots! Just a lil clue for you!”

“Oh I know you love polka dots!”

I went sit on his lap and he smiled, kissing my neck. We stayed there kissing and hugging each other until I stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Let me help you!”

“No! You said you are tired, go rest!”

He hugged me from behind: “Please Rita baby!”

“You are terrible on the kitchen!”

“That’s why I wanna help! You can teach me!”

He stayed hugged to me as we cooked together. He kissed my neck time from time sending shivers down my spine. We had a cute romantic dinner, always smiling at each other and caressing each other hands; after it we went to the couch and he laid his head on my lap and I started caressing his face.

“Your hair is getting long!”- I took a little strand of his curly hair.

“I want to let it grow!”

“Oh like what?”

“Remember my hair after I cut it?”

“Oh the cute Beatle hair?”

“Yes! That one! I want the same hair cut but longer!”

“Well it is a bit like it! But your hair is curly so you don’t notice it yet!”- I kissed his cute nose.

“You think there is any way to make it straight?”

“Well yeah but that’s too girlie!”

He smiled and yawned: “I have to go!”

“Oh, stay here, please!”

“Love, I promise I’ll appear here tomorrow before lunch!”

“And bring clothes to the weekend!”

“What? You want me to stay here all weekend?”

“Alright! I’ll bring clothes then!”

He stood up and I went with him to the door. We stayed there kissing for a long time until he left. I want to bed and fell asleep smiling, thinking on him. I woke up the morning after with the doorbell ringing so I stood up, almost still sleeping, and went to open it.

“Good morning love!”- he was holding a bounce of red roses.

“Good morning!”- I yawned.

“I woke you up? Sorry!”

“Yes but don’t worry! Come here fancy!”

He came near me and I put my arms around his neck and kissed him.

“This is for you!”

“Roses! My favourite!”

“Who is the greatest boyfriend?”


He smiled and kissed my nose: “Go get ready! I wanna go to my parents, well only if you want of course!”

“Of course I want! I’ll take a quick shower! And feel as it is your home!”

“Alright, go love!”

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, I put my white dress on, my black eye liner and my shoes and dried my fringe and went to the kitchen and breakfast was ready.

“Rick! You didn’t have to make breakfast!”

“Oh hush and let’s eat!”

We ate it and it was indeed delicious. Then we went to Rick’s parents house and his mum came to open the door.

“Richard! Rita! Hello! Come in!”

“Hello mum!”

“Hello Mrs Wright!”

“Call me Bridie! We know each other for so long you don’t have to call me Mrs Wright! And don’t call Mr Wright to Cedric!”

“I’m always saying that to her! But she’s shy! See, she is blushing!”

“Stop it!”- I gave him a little punch on his arm and he smiled.

We entered and sat on the living room with his parents and we shyly held our hands.

“Mum, dad, we have news!”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, well…Rita and I….well… we are a couple now!”

“Oh Richard! I’m so happy! I always knew you two would get along!”- Bridie was always really cute and happy, Cedric was always a bit more quiet and he really liked to smoke on his pipe.- “I’m going to prepare tea to celebrate!”

“Oh let me help Mrs Wr…Bridie!”

I went to the kitchen with her and we started preparing the tea.

“You know, I always had a feeling that you and Richard would become boyfriend and girlfriend! And you are such a nice girl and he really loves you! I think you two will be forever!”

I felt myself blushing: “I hope it too!”

We returned to them and we started talking and Rick sometimes gave little kisses on my cheek until his dad spoke:

“Richard, you can kiss your girlfriend!”


“There is no problem! It’s better than you holding hands shyly and giving shy kisses on the cheeks almost like you had to hide your love!”

We smiled shyly and gave a little kiss.

“Oh, Cedric go find the camera! I want a picture of them!”

He stood up and went to a little drawer and returned and she took the camera: “Look at me!”

We looked at the camera smiling and she took a picture.

Chapter 1

There I was, sat on a little couch on EMI’s hall waiting for him. His name was Richard and we have been friends for a long time. We met in ’62 and he picked my books when they fell down and it was actually Oscar Wilde’s book, The Picture of Dorian Gray that made us talk. I was in love with him but I wasn’t sure if he was in love too and his girlfriend had broken up with him 3 months before I had been the only one who could cheer him up a bit.

“Hi boy!”

“Hi!”- he sighed a bit and looked so sad.

“Rick, look at me! Don’t be sad! I’m here for you, cutie! Come on, I pay lunch!”

“I’m not very hungry!”

I hugged him tight: “You have to eat! And don’t be sad because of her! She is the one who’s losing!”

He hugged me in a different way, from all other hugs. It seemed stronger, it seemed like he just couldn’t let me go.

“Alright, let’s have lunch!”

He said goodbye to his band mates and we started walking to a cute little cafe we knew and liked to go.

“So, how is the first Pink Floyd album going?”

“It is going to be released next month! Damn I’m nervous!”

“Oh it is going to be a piece of cake! You are Richard William Wright the cutest and the most talented keyboard player ever!”

“So cute that his girlfriend left him!”

“Can you stop that? And why did she leave you? You never told me!”

He blushed: “Ehm…Do you really wanna know?”


He came closer to me, holding my arm and whispered: “I shouted another girl’s name while…while we were doing it!”

“Oh my God! Really?”

He looked at me super shy and blushing and nodded.

“Rick, tell me you are joking!”

“I’m not! God, I knew I shouldn’t have told you!”

“Oh now you are hiding me things?”- I crossed my arms

“No! And don’t act sassy! Sometimes we look like a couple!”

That sounded so nice! I really liked him and I really wanted to date with him but I was too shy to take the first step and too scared of losing him as a friend. We arrived at the cute cafe and ordered. While we were eating we talked a lot like we always did but I could see a different bright on his beautiful blue eyes; after lunch we went take a walk on our favourite garden.

“I love to walk on this garden in summer! It’s so beautiful and well, romantic!”

“You are a romantic girl?”

“Well sometimes! If I really like the person I’m with, I am romantic and lame!”

He smiled: “You are so lame!”


“It’s true! But I like it!”

“Always cute and fluffy!”

We were walking near the lake until he held my hand and let it go immediately: “Oh sorry!”

“Oh silly! We know each other for so long you can hold it!”

He held it again, tight and I intertwined our fingers until suddenly he stopped and pulled me gently to him. He closed his eyes as I closed mine and our lips touched.

The kiss was so magical, his lips were so soft and his hand so gentle.

“I love you! And I need you! Do you want to be my girlfriend? Please?”

I felt my body cold and all the butterflies in my stomach and suddenly so happy that I just smiled like an idiot and said:

“Oh God! Yes, yes! Of course I want to be your girlfriend!

“I love you! I love you like I never did love someone else!”

We smiled lovingly at each other and kissed again, passionately. 

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